Yes, I’m the same guy who wrote, “Apple Watch Looks Too Much Like a Toy”…and I meant it! But three months ago, the perfect storm occurred. I was getting back into running in earnest and starting to wear my old Fitbit Alta again. However, I’d been thinking that since I don’t like running with my huge iPhone 7 Plus, I might need a small music player. Also, as a new father, I figured that I should have some way to communicate if I’m out on the road and an emergency occurs — either to me, or back at home. So…

“Binders and boxes on shelves in a large archive” by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

I finally upgraded my personal computer after an honorable 7-year run from my old MacBook Air, and as I was setting up my new laptop, I realized that the majority of space on my computer is taken up by stuff that I may never look at again. It’s stuff that’s around just in case. Examples include work files from previous jobs that I keep just in case I want to refer to an old project, scans of receipts just in case I have an issue under warranty, videos that I keep just in case I ever want to watch clips…

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No, this isn’t about Westworld (Spoiler! 😂). I’ll save that for another post. This is about real life — my life — and it’s a little morbid, but important. Especially since people tend to avoid these sorts of conversations.

I’m officially a family man now. My wife and I have been married for almost three years, and three months ago, we brought our son into the world. Since we found out that Krista was pregnant, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to have a legacy with so much of our lives online or just in nonphysical media…

We were in a car accident last week. Rear ended on I-580. It was at a low speed, and we would usually call it a fender-bender — no big deal — if not for the fact that you were on board.

A simple guide to this awesome task/project management app

It’s all a part of my to-do list
Such as writing about life lessons that some of you missed

Jericho Jackson, “To-do List”

After using EVERY task/project management app, I can say that I’ve finally found my favorite, Things (v3) from Cultured Code.

Why Things?

I’ve found that most to-do list apps are lacking the depth needed to handle full projects. Sure, Apple Reminders is cool if you need to jot down a shopping list, but if you need manage a project with multiple stages and deadlines, then Reminders won’t cut it. And apps like Todoist or Wunderlist (which is on…

About a year ago, I sold my iPad Air. I didn’t think that I would miss it, but since then, I’ve realized that it was awesome for reading comic books (is there really any other way these days?) as well as having a media screen on the couch when my wife is watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians on our TV (sorry Honey, the secret’s out!).

So, on Black Friday, I found great deals on the iPad as well as the iPad Pro. As a previous iPad owner and current iPhone user (after a brief fling with Android), I knew…

The Last Jedi Trailer, cued up at the catchy theme…

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I wrote a little about this in iOS 11 Features for Product Managers, but the battle of Apple-centric note-taking apps deserves its own post. In one corner, we have the reigning champ that comes pre-installed on all of your iDevices and MacBooks— Apple’s Notes app (aka “Apple Notes”). In the other corner, the underdog from Italy — Bear Notes by Shiny Frog.

I’m currently a Bear fan, but Apple Notes gets better with every iOS and MacOS release. …

I really want to want an Apple Watch. As a mobile gadget freak who’s owned it all: Palm Pilots, Treos, a Motorola two-way pager, iPhones, iPads, and even a Nexus, it would make sense for me to ache for a smartwatch. And with Apple Watch Series 3 — the one that finally has cellular connectivity — I thought that I would finally pull the trigger. But here’s the thing…the Apple Watch is still a wristwatch, and watches are fashion accessories.

I recently bought myself a Shinola watch for my birthday. Shinola is a great Detroit brand, and I’ve been wanting…

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They’re one of the reasons tech workers peruse Medium. Every product manager, marketer, entrepreneur, or strategist has had conversations with colleagues about the tools they use to deconstruct problems and accelerate solving them. Porter. The Four Cs. The Four Ps. “AARRR!” HEART metrics. “Come for the X, stay for the Y!” “Zip it up, and zip it out!”

Ok, that last one is a Dave Chappelle joke.

These instruments are essential to product management, business strategy, and other disciplines, but there is no golden checklist or even set of lists. A defined, structured approach is great, and very useful, but…

Don Woods

Product Manager. @UMEngineering and @ChicagoBooth alumnus. Native of Flint, MI. Oakland, CA resident. I write about tech, culture, and life.

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